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Environmental flows

E-water supporting native fish populations
Flow-MER program enhances native fish populations in Murray-Darling Basin using environmental water.
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What have the recent floods meant for the Coorong, Lower Lakes and Murray Mouth?
Floods rejuvenate Murray River's ecosystem, balancing freshwater and marine life, raising debates on future water management.
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Attraction flow supporting native fish migration
UNSW research on fish migration in Murray-Darling Basin reveals fishway design impacts on native species.
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Making the Connection: Providing Temporary Fish Passage at the Menindee Lakes
Fish migration in NSW rivers is hindered by barriers, but innovative fishways aid their crucial life cycles.
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Guide: Golden perch rehabilitation after a major fish kill
Golden perch in the Darling River face threats from fish kills, with research guiding rehabilitation efforts.
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New fishway at Toorale already supporting fish migration
Toorale Park: A fusion of culture, ecology, and innovative fishway design, enhancing river life and honoring ancient traditions.
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